An American Gypsy

Kathryne is a legally ordained Priestess in the state of Michigan. She has been actively practicing Pagan since early childhood.  Being raised in an open and like minded environment gave her the opportunity to embrace her religious beliefs from the earliest times.

Kathryne has been card readings in one form or another since she was 10 years old. Practicing mainly for friends and family. In 2011 she did her first event at Grand Rapids Pagan Pride day, and had been doing festivals and events on and off since then. She also does private reading upon request.

Kathryne’s ethnicity can be directly traced back to Gitanos, Spanish Gypsies. And in this fashion she spent nearly two decades of her life living up to that heritage. Traveling across the county, and continents, with nothing more that what she could easily pack and carry. Living off the kindness and graciousness of friends, strangers, and family born from both from blood and circumstance. And self admittedly also at times thriving on the stupidity of the same people.

Kathryne now has settled down in Walker, Michigan with her husband and two beautiful children.


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